AV Coaching

I have always enjoyed helping others.

That's why through AVCoaching and using the ontological coaching, and after a long stayed abroad, I have helped more than 50 artists achieving their dream of studying a bachelor or master´s degree of arts in Germany. The number of artistis achieving their dream continues to rise... What are you waiting for to start your preparation to study in Germany?

The preparation to study abroad is strengthened by coachig sessions which deepen into your emotional, personal and artistic aspects necessary to fulfill your dream.

Get ready and live the marvelous student experience in Germany.

We offer workshops, seminars and individual sessions in the following topics:

- Stimulation of the inner ear through coaching.

- Improving the methods of study.

- Improving memory and individual skills.

- How to improve the sound memory.

- Discover your music potential.

And more!

Contact:  andresvillamilcoach@gmail.com

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